Why Do You Think Press Release is The Most Important Marketing Strategy

Press releases have been around for a very long time, they were originally used solely as a means to make an announcement about news worthy information, which was typically handled through members of the PR staff or a public relations firm by using various media outlets. But now that there are so many online new sites available, such as Google News and Yahoo! News and they both obtain such a large amount of press release-based content. The RSS feature makes it easier to syndicate newsworthy information. Also, press releases can be used online to effectively communicate with consumers. So basically a press release is a primary consumer communication tool which is used very aggressively through digital media platforms.


The Impact of One Single Press Release

Press releases are not only a great tool for distributing content throughout various media platforms, but they can also be syndicated in a very easy and convenient manner, also creating an excellent opportunity to attract incoming links in the process.

Because some of the press releases are optimized when distributed they have the opportunity to gain different unique Domain name links from one single press release.

Being plugged into media wire services such as Business Wire, PR Web, Market Wire and PRNewswire, the distribution process is a lot more simplified as it relates to getting newsworthy content to the most popular News based search engines.

Why Press Releases Are the Most Important Marketing Strategy

Press releases are one of the most important internet marketing strategies[1] today because of its reach. Studies indicate that half of all of the Internet users on a worldwide basis visit online new sites each month. As a result, many Press Releases that are channeled through major online sites such as CNN, Yahoo News, the New York Times, MSNBC receive maximum exposure.

In addition to the large amount of exposure that one simple press release can’t obtain, there are other additional strategies and tips that can be used to further expose your press release as well. Those include optimizing your press release by providing a balanced amount of keywords and phrases, the use News worthy information that is worth announcing, providing the reader with a reason to click through, the creation of an impressive relevant landing page, the creation of a blog post version of your news, plus the creation of a list of up-to-date media contacts. These are just a few of the ways that a press release can serve multiple purposes with the use of one document.

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